For Ambitious IT Managers, Globally

How to Efficiently Lead IT Projects & Teams in Today’s Fast Changing & Demanding Digital Landscape

And Quickly Advance Your Career!

Introducing the ‘one’ course for today’s savvy IT Managers who seriously want to advance their career without having to plough their way through numerous time-consuming and expensive courses.

Yes, this newly updated course will give you the global recognition and certification that you can manage & lead multiple projects and teams, effectively & efficiently, in the new digital economy.

And that can open doors to extraordinary, almost limitless, career opportunities for you.
But just before you discover what this one course can do for your career, it is important we quickly discuss this.

With more business demands being dumped on today’s IT managers, now, more than ever, is the time to upskill your core competencies and stay highly relevant.

As you are acutely aware, the Digital Landscape is changing at light speed.

Here are just some those of unsettling changes.

  • Organisations are demanding their IT managers to deliver the IT solutions needed – and quickly
  • They are expecting you to manage multiple projects and multiple teams and, bridge the huge gap between growing business needs and IT
  • There are big budget cuts and tighter restraints to navigate – further impacted by the global recession we are entering
  • In a need to compete, more and more companies are adopting emerging technologies like AI, 5G, Blockchain, better cloud capabilities, the IoT – and expecting you to start, manage and lead these projects

These tough demands have been extended and accelerated of course, by the global pandemic. The negative influence of Covid-19 is going to be felt for many more months.

Yes, today’s IT managers’ role has changed almost beyond recognition to what it was just 12 short months ago.

If you really want to thrive in today’s digital landscape, now is the time to upskill your core competences and relevency.

For those of you savvy enough to upskill, these changing times also bring an abundance of virtually, endless opportunities.

This one course gives you those skills so you can manage, lead and influence in virtually any environment and within any organisation.

All without you having to take multiple courses.

But first let me ask you this…

Is Digital Transformation Harming Your Career Prospects?

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with new, emerging technologies (and worried about how you are going to manage them)?

Are you stressed with global budget cuts and restraints that are forcing you to be more ‘business minded’?

Do you get frustrated sifting through hundreds of articles and websites searching for reliable and vendor-neutral information and courses that will keep you relevant so you can meet today’s industry needs

If any of these thoughts have been on you mind, then you are not alone.

The vast majority of discerning IT managers around the world are feeling exactly the same, and struggling with exactly the same issues.

Hi, I am Edward van Leent, and I am the Chairman and CEO of the EPI Group of Companies.

I am here to share with you exciting news of an IT course that has been specifically designed for today’s modern managers.

At EPI, we have operated successfully for the past 33 years in the highly competitive IT and datacentre industry.

We have trained thousands of professionals, from famous Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Intel HP and many more…

We have also successfully trained thousands of other IT professionals from smaller companies who wanted the necessary skills to get ahead in their career.

We understand the tough challenges you are facing

Covid-19 is placing IT managers under even more pressure

The global pandemic is having a massive, negative impact on businesses all over the world.

There are now more enforced IT budget cuts as companies everywhere try desperately to recover from economic downturns caused by weeks of lockdown. ·         

In order to recover and get back into profits quickly, more companies will be looking to jump onto new emerging technologies.

As a modern IT manager, you will be required to understand these technologies like Blockchain, AI, data science, 5G, Cloud solutions and the IoT; and lead their implementation. 

The global lockdowns have accelerated the need for these emerging technologies and that means more pressure will be placed on the shoulders of IT managers as they are expected to manage projects and teams in multiple areas.

Fortunately, although daunting and worrying, for most IT managers this new era is not all grim-news…

Why? Because as previously mentioned, for those savvy IT managers who possess the right key skills, this new digital landscape presents extraordinary doors of opportunity… 

My obvious question to you is,

Are You Ready, Relevant & Able to Seize These New Opportunities?

You are about to discover, how this IT manager course will open the doors to these opportunities for you

It Will:

  • Fast-track your career and keep you relevant in the new digital economy
  • Transform you into a forward thinking IT manager and
  • Get you managing, leading and influencing with higher proficiency 


Plus, it will give you all the relevance you need and help you close the gap between IT and business needs in your organisation so you stand out.

In short, it will give you all the core competencies you need to not only meet these new demands, but to excel and advance in them.

And that could put you in demand for your skills (You could even negotiate your own terms).

Hundreds of Smart IT Managers Are Jumping on This Course...

Why? Because They:

  • Want the knowledge and skills that will put them in demand and enhance their earnings potential
  • Are ambitious managers, team leaders or supervisors who want to quickly advance to the next level
  • Want to possess the technical skills but not necessarily the full knowledge of managing and navigating the modern IT landscape including complex environments
  • Have won promotion to management and want to ensure they have all the areas in IT under control, both external and internal
  • Want to get the competencies to manage and lead teams and projects in all new emerging technologies such as Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, 5G, AI.
  • Are savvy enough to spot the almost endless opportunities in the new digital economy
Now, you are just one course away from advancing your career...

Certified IT Managers Training Course

The CITM® (Certied IT Manager) Gives You Global Recognition & Certification That You Can Manage & Lead Effectively in The New Digital Economy

PLUS… the CITM® will add credibility and high visibility to your professional profile so you can stand out, and ahead, of the crowd.

(Just imagine what this can do for your career prospects!)

Here’s Just 7 Reasons Why the CITM® Will Open Doors to Extraordinary Opportunity

  1. Gives you all the core competences that progressive CIOs & CTOs are desperately and actively seeking – enhancing your promotional prospects
  2. Includes the latest and newest technology trends (Blockchain, Big Data, AI, IoT), so you can select the right ones, at the perfect time, for the right purpose and then implement them smoothly and effectively
  3. The CITM® contains vendor-neutral, unbiased IT management skills and knowledge which are demanded by industry and fully aligned to industry standard (EN16234-1 e-Competence Framework)
  4. Structured, step-by-step content ensuring you learn faster and easier
  5. Specifically engineered so you can apply what you learn immediately on the job (You’ll be managing, leading & influencing even before certification)
  6. Top quality certification which the global industry recognises and applauds
  7. Incredible value for money in comparison to your potential future earnings (Certified IT professionals earn on average $12k a year more)

And here’s an added benefit…

You Will Get Access to Our Team of Global Enterprise IT Managers with Their Wealth of Industry Knowledge – 

Gained from Real Life, Hands-on Experience.

Here is how the CITM® has helped other managers in their careers

Enhanced my Career and Confidence”

“The CITM course contents and certificate enhanced my career as many IT areas were covered. I found the section about data centers especially useful. Earning the certification has raised my self-confidence.” – Hisham Sherif, Chief Operating Officer, Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait – Egypt


“Increased Credibility at Work”

“CITM helped me to show/proof to Management that I am certified in IT Management. It boosted my confident level when all areas are covered and increased my credibility. – Che Samsulbahari B Che Daud, Petronas


“Critical to my Role”

“I absolutely believe the CITM training and certification helped me in my career. The CITM training was an all-rounded course focusing on IT strategy, staff management, vendor management, software lifecycle, IT project management, problem and change management and various other important functions and control within IT. Whilst I already had eight (8) years of IT Management experience prior to taking the CITM the course still did a great job with reiterating and solidifying various practices which were critical to my role at the time.” -Christopher Mosby, CIO, Movaci


“Got Promoted After Taking CITM®”

“I practiced what I learned on my work. I was a supervisor when I got the CITM and fortunately…I got promoted to IT Manager.” – Abdullah Alqahtani, IT Manager, King bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

Here's Another Major Reason You Will Want To Enrol On The CITM®

The IT Industry is Suffering From a Massive Shortage in Tech Talent

(That Top Companies Are Desperately Seeking)

The serious shortage of talent within our industry is probably bigger than you think.

Here are just two recent report snippets highlighting this nightmare… (even the tech giants are struggling to get talent).

From The Expert Panel @ Forbes Technology Council:

“The 2nd biggest challenge facing IT right now is finding great talent and retaining it. Why? Because competition is fierce, other major companies offer bigger pay and offer better incentives to skilled professionals to jump ship…

Auditing firm KPMG, surveyed over 3,000 technology leaders for their annual CIO survey and that revealed a shocking 66% of them were suffering major hiring problems.

(This is up an astonishing 9% on the previous year and is at its highest ever).

The CITM® gives you the skills, the knowledge and core competences that these top companies are urgently seeking!

95.7% of Smart I.T. Professionals Say CITM™ Has Boosted Their Career

Upskill Your Core Competences & Accelerate Your Career with The CITM®

THE CITM® comes complete with 13 Modules of managing any IT business and you’ll be taken through each one in a simple, clear and concise step-by-step process.

From initiating projects to successfully running risk assessments; from working with datascience, to knowing how to manage the business relationship – you’ll fast become the go-to expert that your peers flock to for advice (And so will your CTO or CIO).

And that means whether the company you work for is big, small or a start-up, you’ll possess all the competences required to be that expert manager.

(You will be answering the prayers of thousands of top tech movers and shakers)

Here is a just a taster of what you will be fully relevant of and knowledgeable in:

From Module 2:
IT Organization

You’ll be armed with a multiple function ‘Skills Matrix’ so you can identify, hire and cross train all IT staff so your organisation excels (with you at the helm).

From Module 3:
Vendor Selection & Management

You’ll learn 6 ways to get the best deal ever from vendor negotiation without even knowing (or liking) sales.

From Module 4:
Project Management

You’ll be fully skilled in not only starting new projects, but initiating them – including how to incorporate business justification for the project.

From Module 6:
Service Management

You are going to discover 12 problem analysis tools and how to apply which one for which dilemma – turning you into a major trouble shooter (Your peers will be flocking to you for advice. And so will your boss).

From Module 7:
Information Security Management

Security risks are big business within IT and you’ll know how to assess and generate the RTP (Risk Treatment Plan) to the security specialists – making you stand out in any crisis

From Module 11:
Business Change Management

If disaster ever strikes your organization you’ll be equipped with the skills to deal with any eventuality including how to guide other employees through the worst case scenario.


You’ll fully understand the role and responsibilities of the BRM (Business Relationship Manager) so you can effectively manage the gulf between IT, business and customer needs (This will also make you shine on the floor).

As that savvy IT Manager, you can probably imagine and see why you’ll be on virtually every tech leaders hiring radar!

All of these skills will get you seen as an expert manager within IT management which can increase your chances of being the number 1 candidate in any coveted job interview.

We Give You Everything You Need to Succeed with The CITM®

Remember, we’ve made everything as easy as possible for you to pass your exam.

We give you all the tools you need to succeed, including:

  • Multiple-choice exam (probably the easiest way to pass any exam).
  • A whole buffet of exam question samples.
  • AND, we even include a ton of sample exam answers!

(Is it any wonder we have a 91% pass rate?)

Make Your Next Move A Smarter One

As you can now see, the CITM® gives you all you need in just one, comprehensive course so you can manage more efficiently, lead teams and projects with ease and influence within your organization so you stand out.
So if you are serious about advancing your career and want to be a next generation IT manager with all the relevance, skills and knowledge needed…
…Enrolling on the CITM® is probably the smartest move you can make.

Save Time, Money & Years Advancing Your Career

Here’s How:
  • Avoid over dependence on your seniors to get their closely guarded, insider secrets of the job (They are probably just as confused with such rapid, complex changes and may have it wrong).
  • Save hundreds of hours painfully sifting through and reading tons of confusing, potentially biased articles that don’t always help or just add to your confusion.
  • Shave years off your career advancement spent attending courses in specialist areas (when what you really need is a fraction of the knowledge in each area to be an effective manager in today’s digital era.
  • Save thousands of dollars in training fees, travel and expensive hotel costs.

So Who Are EPI Exactly?

Your career is in safe hands. Look at our track record.

EPI’s reputation has been built on delivering exceptional technical expertise with a continuous drive for excellence and innovation.

Always on the leading edge in its areas of expertise, EPI has released many world-first innovations including;

  • The DCOS® – Data Centre Operations Standard®
  • The IT & Data Centre Framework©
  • The Data Centre Competence Framework©, DCCF©
  • Data Centre Career Planning Tool©, DCPT©
  • The IT Career Planning Tool©, ITCPT©
  • Data Centre Training Framework©
  • IT Training Framework© including this course, the CITM®

When is The Best Time to Enrol on the CITM®?

Convenient, Easier Learning: Here's How.

  • Course delivered step-by-step by an expert EPI CITM® Certified Instructor via video-on-demand (No interruptions)
  • Delivered in Universal English so virtually anyone can understand (If you can read this, you can understand the content)
  • You can learn in your own time and in the comfort of your own choice surroundings (Our busy IT professionals love this)
  • Can take the course on any device IOS, android, Mac, laptop, Chromebook or your computer
  • 24/7/365 access – (you’ll have all the info at your finger tips)
  • You can stop, pause or rewind and watch again so you learn faster (Unlike in a packed classroom)

One thing is for sure learning has never been easier.

And with a current first-time pass rate of 91%, all you have to do is take the course now and put in a little study time – in your own time.

Get a Glimpse of How The Step-By-Step Training is Delivered and Discover the 70-20-10 Rule to Learning

Here’s What You Get When You Enrol:


$ 495 One-Time Fee!
  • FREE EXIN CITM exam - worth $295
  • Full 365/24/7 exclusive access to the CITM® training via video on-demand
  • Email support from our in-house team of EPI, CITM® certified experts
  • Your 456 page Ebook download with all presentation slides and student notes – yours forever so you can use it any time
  • Access to the EPI Academy Platform
  • The CITM Certification when you pass
Enrol Now

Exam Fee Included

Saving You an Extra $295!!

The CITM® Gives You Everything You Need To Successfully Manage Emerging Technologies

Today, an organization may decide to get in on Blockchain. Tomorrow they may want to adopt some AI strategy. Or beef up security or improve their Cloud capabilities.

Or implement a “Green IT” strategy.

The CITM® will provide you with enough competences to manage any team in any of these projects (And even multiple projects), should your company adopt them.

And that means you don’t have to take multiple specialist courses to advance your career or manage efficiently.

We’ve changed all that.

The CITM® gives you all the skills and knowledge you will need to manage those projects with full confidence, efficiency and speed!

Taking Your Exam Has Never Been Easier

We have partnered with EXIN, the world’s trusted and most respected leader in IT certification, having certified over 2 million IT pros and we have got you on the “EXIN Anywhere remote proctored exam”.

It’s Flexible. It’s Easy. It’s Convenient.

  • Take your exam where you are comfortable.
  • Plan your exam at a time to suit you.
  • No need to travel.
And for a strictly limited time you can get the exam for free which means you will be saving an extra $295!

The Time To Secure Your Future With The CITM® Certification is Now!

Become Certified With The CITM® And You Can...

  • Gain an unfair advantage over the competition
  • Join the upper ranks of pioneering IT managers who are leading IT changes successfully in the digital economy for businesses to succeed
  • Start capturing the most coveted career advancement opportunities
  • Influence large digital transformation projects in your country or MNCs, or create an impact for small businesses in your local community
  • Be one of the founders of the next Uber, Bitcoin, or AI services?
  • Become sought-after for your skills and knowledge around the globe (negotiate your own salary?)
  • No need to take multiple and expensive, specialist courses

The opportunities are truly unlimited when you get the CITM® certification!


$ 495 One-Time Fee!
  • FREE EXIN CITM exam - worth $295
  • Full 365/24/7 exclusive access to the CITM® training via video on-demand
  • Email support from our in-house team of EPI, CITM® certified experts
  • Your 456 page Ebook download with all presentation slides and student notes – yours forever so you can use it any time
  • Access to the EPI Academy Platform
  • The CITM Certification when you pass
Enrol Now

Still Wondering If You Should Enrol?

Here’s 5 Signs You Should Upskill and Get the Globally Recognized CITM® Now!

1. Younger, ambitious up-starts who haven’t been with the company anywhere near as long as you have, are suddenly your supervisor.

2. You are feeling less confident, overwhelmed and insecure in your job – more of the time.

3. You keep getting overlooked every time promotions and opportunities appear (Despite your work ethic, drive, years of loyal service and ambition).

4. You have been reluctantly resigning yourself to asking your co-workers for help more and more.

5. Your peers (And especially the boss) are rarely, if ever, asking you for guidance or advice

The CITM® Gives You Greater Control Over Your Future

And finally I’d like to call your attention to the fact that you are your own career manager.

Your future is in your hands. The CITM® will give you greater control over that future and, make it brighter.

Don’t get left behind or risk becoming obsolete.

Here’s to your success in these exciting, transformative times filled with almost endless opportunity for those who grasp it.

Edward Van Leent

CEO and Chairman of EPI

PS: Remember, you are just one course away from getting ahead in your career.


$ 495 One-Time Fee!
  • FREE EXIN CITM exam - worth $295
  • Full 365/24/7 exclusive access to the CITM® training via video on-demand
  • Email support from our in-house team of EPI, CITM® certified experts
  • Your 456 page Ebook download with all presentation slides and student notes – yours forever so you can use it any time
  • Access to the EPI Academy Platform
  • The CITM Certification when you pass
Enrol Now


In the unlikely event you don’t pass you can resit the exam. You will have 6 months in which to take your resit.

The current price is USD$295.00 If you enrol now you’ll lock in the price of $295 and avoid any increases EXIN may impose.

Certification will remain valid on your CV for three years.

You will have email access to a EPI certified CITM® training expert who will be able to offer support. In your exclusive membership area there is also a forum with other professionals taking the same course so you can pose questions there too.

The course is delivered in Universal English meaning it is clear, concise and easy to understand even if English is your second

No problem… simply email us at:

And we will be happy to help!